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Since the creation of man, people used to communicate with some strange sounds. Even the most ordinary cries sounded to some tune. With the development of mankind, occurred music, starting from Ancient Egypt to Bethoven and the newest genres.

Music as a way of treating mental illness

Many factors of treating the mental ilness is the music. The music of Beethoven and Bach provide peace and relaxation of the human body which is confirmed by many scientific evidence. Some studies prove that they have cured too aggressive people with just listening to music.You can read more about this on Wikipedia, or just search it on Google.


There are tons of genres that are known today: Rock, Rock and Roll, Metal, Pop, Rap, Techno, Country, Blues, Jazz and many many more. All of the genres have some correlation between them, exept the Trance, Techno and House, because they are new, and they are called robot made music because of their drums and instruments.


As You everybody know, history is everything that happend in the past.  In this article We are presenting You the Rap history and it’s production.


The main point of our post is music, mixing and mastering in 2010s. Top identifiable music of this century is the RAP music, which means Rhythm and Poetry. It started in the 1980s as a sub category to blues, most known as a Boom Bap or Old School. But as the time went, the Rap started to change it’s sound to Dirty South and later to Trap and Trap techno.

Rap and dirty south uses the tempo from 70 Bpm to 105 Bpm using beats and scratches. The pepole say that Boom Bap dies slowly, but The Boom Bap will never die.

Trap music uses the tempo from 130 Bpm to 160 Bpm using 808 basses, soundfonts, pianos, bells and etc. This is the most active sub genre of this culture.

Today, there is some new genre called Rap/Trap Techno but it hasn’t developed yet.



The production techniques of the music

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Does the Rap music makes You feel aggressive or relaxed ?

Most of the people will respond with “aggressive”. Why? Because You express Your hard life through notes. Also, because the rap artists use a lot of words that signify hatred.

But the people who are followers of this culture say that the rap music is relaxation of their minds because they co-exist with that lifestyle.

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